Scuba Tank & Valve @ Marathon

From USD $15.00
  • Location: Marathon, FL
  • Product code: PBDDPL
Aluminum 80 cubic ft Scuba Tank & Valve with Air

  • Each scuba tank comes filled to 3000 psi.  
  • You get one free fill for each successive day of rental.  
  • You must present a certification card for each one or two scuba tanks rented at Capt. Hook's at the time of pick-up. If you order the maximum number of ten tanks online, you must present five diver certification cards at pickup. You may have more than one order but you must have a different diver certification card for each two tanks ordered.
  • Pick up times are after 8AM and drop off times are before 4:30PM.  If you pick your tank at 10AM for a one day rental, it must be back by 10AM the next day.
  • All scuba tanks must have at least 300 psi upon return or before any refill to prevent contamination of the scuba cylinder.  If the pressure drops below 300 psi, then a visual inspection is required at the cost of $25 to ensure the tank is not contaminated.
  • If you need more than one fill per day, a Capt. Hook's Air Fill Card is available.  It is good for 11 fills for $70.00. You may order the Capt. Hook's Air Fill Card in the Extras through this booking process. It will be provided to you when you pick up your tanks.