Maritime Medicine & Prolonged Field Care Course

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Welcome to Capt. Hook's Medical Training in Austere Conditions (MTAC) 

Maritime Medicine & Prolonged Field Care (PFC) Course

This course begins to prepare you for the austere phase of PFC. It is our goal to prepare you to expect the unexpected, to eliminate the fear and powerlessness one feels when faced with this situation and turn it into action to save lives.

Using the COPE readiness methodology (Clinical, Operational, Physical and Emotional), we will show you how to transition from Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care or Civilian Rescue to know life sustaining skills until you can evacuate your patient to a higher level of care.

In this course, you will be aboard a Navy vessel and other rescue locations throughout the Florida Keys. During that time multiple scenarios will be presented to you and your team. Through guided mentorship, your team will perform damage control resuscitation and interventions, while understanding preventative and critical care medicine. 

Mascal casualties, Walking Blood Bank, High Angle rescue, Infil/Exfil, DCS, DCR among many more techniques will be addressed. This is not a finger drill training exercise, you will be drawing meds, administering blood and working with live patient actors to facilitate a real world situation.

Who should take this course?

Who should take this course? This course is designed for Military Medicine, Cargo Ship personnel, Cruise ship medicine and more. This course is also designed with the healthcare professional in mind. Physicians, PAs, Nurses, EMTs, Fellows, Residents and Medical/Nursing students will enhance their knowledge and improve their assessment techniques unique to this austere environment and will develop a full situational understanding when they receive a patient that has been subjected to this scenario.

Although we specifically operate off of a ship platform, these skills are universal in any austere environment you may find yourself with a casualty. 

Let's Break It Down

Your purchase of the Open Water Dive Medicine Level 1 Course includes EVERYTHING!  Here is what you get:

  • 5-Day Immersion Course in the Florida Keys
  • 32 accredited CMEs from the Wilderness Medical Society
  • Course credits can be applied to the Diploma in Dive and Marine Medicine (DiDMM) and the Fellowship Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM)

After you book the course and have selected the course schedule, MTAC will send you an email detailing all the information needed to participate in the course.  We will then contact you to address any questions you have and to go over the email you received.

Please Note:  There is a waiver and a medical questionnaire that will need to be completed and submitted before taking the course.  If you have any health issues, you will need a medical release from your physician to be able to participate in the course.

Information about our other MTAC Courses

MTAC has designed 3 levels of training specific to the water environment. 

Dive Medicine Level 1 is designed to take a person that can swim (or a diver that needs refreshed) and certify you as an Open Water SCUBA Diver, we also add in 16 hours of Dive Medicine Didactic. The Level 1 course provides both CMEs as well as FAWM and DiDMM credit with the Wilderness Medical Society. You can take the didactic content course without the SCUBA Certification. 

The Dive Medicine Level 2 course adds to the Level 1 and offers a Diver Stress and Water Rescue certification. This course also provides 16 hours of Advanced Dive Medicine Didactic. The Level 2 course provides both CMEs as well as FAWM and DiDMM credit with the Wilderness Medical Society. You can take the didactic content course without the SCUBA Certification. 

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