NITROX Tank & Valve Rental @ Marathon

NITROX Tank & Valve Rental @ Marathon
From USD $18.00
  • Product code: P2EZJE
NITROX Aluminum 80CF Scuba Tank Rental

  • Each tank comes filled with 32% O2 mix.
  • You must present a certification card and NITROX certification card for each one or two tanks rented.
As human beings, we are used to breathing a Nitrogen/Oxygen mix. In fact, our atmosphere is primarily made up of these two gases. Right now, you are breathing a gas mixture known as air, which is comprised of approximately 79% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen. Oxygen is what you need. Nitrogen is relatively inert and does not affect us at all, until we go underwater. As you learned in your Open Water Course, too much Nitrogen is a bad thing. So, that is why we look at Nitrox as a substitute to diving air. Enriched Air (commonly referred to as Nitrox) is a Nitrogen/Oxygen mix that has more Oxygen than 21% and less Nitrogen than 79%. More Oxygen and less Nitrogen means you can safely extend your bottom time while absorbing less nitrogen. What diver doesn’t want more bottom time?

Not Certified...We can help!

You must have an Enriched Air certification to rent NITROX filled tanks.  If you are not certified consider it, look for our PADI Enriched Air Diver Course to get your certification first!